About Us

All Clinicians at Solace Psychiatry are devoted to staying current with the latest research by attending and presenting at professional conferences and collaborating with other professionals to continuously provide the highest quality scientific base care.

The primary role of your psychiatric clinician is the diagnosis and pharamacologic management of your psychiatric condition, in conjunction with brief supportive psychotherapy. This type of therapy is meant to complement, rather than replace the vulnerable role of the licensed professional counselors, social workers or psychologists who provide more intense psychotherapy. We have licensed psychotherapists in our practice who work independently and collaboratively with our medical team.

Solace Psychiatry provides thorough evaluations to find the factors related to your suffering, including biological predisposition, family of origin, problematic behaviors, psychological traits, specific life circumstances, and social stressors – in order to collaborate with you and create tailored treatment plans that meet your unique needs and goals. We encourage our patients to practice good self-care by engaging in regular physical activity, restorative sleep, proper nutrition, social interaction, and stress reduction. The result is quality, informed, individualized care. We are known for our excellent outcomes, helping you live the best life possible.