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Growing up in the Central African country of Cameroon, my ambition was to become a Judge in a court
room. This quest was borne out of my love for advocacy. But when I migrated to the United States, my
focus shifted to health care, and once that bug bit me, so to speak, I never looked back.
I have been a Registered Nurse now for 19 years, and, I have learnt quite a bit, spent a great deal of time
as a Nurse, caring, and advocating for our patients in a number of settings that include Med Surge,
Telemetry, Dialysis, and ICU. And in my furtherance of this mission, did I decide to further my degree in
2019, to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner with emphasis in Psychiatry and Mental Health.
I am indeed, very excited to have chosen this path because Psychiatry and Mental Health have evolved,
and continue to branch into areas that were very novel 30 years ago. The focus today, is about proper
diagnosis, treatment, prevention, seeking therapy for emotional and behavioral disorders and designing
plans to achieve optimum outcomes.
Finally, in my spare time, I like to read, run, cook, and travel; and my ultimate goal is to bag a doctoral
degree in the near future and also, to be an entrepreneur.

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